project in collaboration with Cassandre Joly & Romane Bernard
photograph by Nicole Martani

«He is wondering if everything makes sense to be so organized.
He thinks that he has choice, without really having choice.
Even the most simple object of his monotonous life, a ceramic mug, makes him think how rational this world is. For him, rationality is not coherent, it does not clear all his problem, it does not make him feel safer neither make his life more comfortable. Therefore it is not coherent.
He wonders if chance still has a place within himself and he wants to believe that chance would actually make him feel good.
Supported by his ceramic mug, he starts to imagine a way out, where every single thing would not be planned, where every single thing would not be rational... but emotional.
It would be a story that would be surprising, with weird mechanisms, more instinctive gestures, it would be a world made of scraps, where everything would come alive.»

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The ceramic blob factory